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A Video: TED Talks from Rohit Bhargava – Reinventing Marketing

Huge fan of this video. Rohit Bhargava is a marketing expert, professor (Global Marketing, Georgetown University, and founder of the Influential Marketing Group. Here he talks on Reinventing Marketing.  Like it, share it, re-tell it, market it.

The “Don’t Make Me Think” but “Make Me Laugh” Marketing Pitch

In the past few years, viral marketing has become a huge component of advertising.  Crafting a successful marketing campaign is more difficult than it looks.  While viral marketing does requires successful planning and research, it doesn’t always require a large budget.

Dollar Shave Club was a start-up competing in a v. competitive industry.  Essentially, DSC spent $4,500 on a youtube video and in just over one week, attracted over 4 million viewers – A figure high enough to crash the company’s website.

If you haven’t seen the video – have a look.

With that many hits, I think it’s safe to say Dollar Shave Club got the consumer to notice their product.   And not only did they get the consumer aware of their product, they convinced them to buy.  In a matter of a week, 12,000 consumers signed up for the monthly membership.  The video was sent around the internet like wild-fire.  Watches increased, back links pointed them, and so , search rank soared. Crazy things happened.

  • Today, Dollar Shave Club ranks on the 1st page of google for the word “shave”.
  • The term alone generates, 12,100 exact matches on global search per month.
  • Broad match “shave” generates a whopping 3,350,000 global searches per month.
  • At this exact time, the video has 6,779,441 subscribers.