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Because I Like to Save and You Probably Do Too?

Sometimes it’s fun to shop.  But it’s even more fun to shop and save.  Which is why I’m sharing this coupon with you.  I got in the mail this morning.  See, I might be swamped at work but I’m still trying to do nice things for you.  So, that must make me pretty great right?


Anyways, the best part is this coupon is not for 10% or even 20% off – not for 25% or 30% – but a whopping 50% off your FIRST purchase from Gilt City.  Now, I must be super great.

For those of you who don’t know, Gilt City offers sales on fun events/items in oh, about 13 cities nationwide.  Like brunch?  Want to get glamorous eyelash extensions? Get your DNA Analyzed?  (Yeah, I did say DNA.) Well, Gilt can help you out with that.