404 Pages: Infinite Possibilities…Make a Difference


Lately I’ve been coming across more and more 404 pages.  Either what I’m looking for just seems to be absent or websites are becoming messier.  Either way, as I continue to see more and more 404 pages – I’m starting to really see improvements.  Particularly with witty, creative content and design.

But how about this – How about a 404 page that actually can make difference?

And by difference, I mean, not a small smirk, laugh or a giggle – but make a huge, impactable difference in a child and families life.

Notfound.org is a company that has really done a great job in helping companies make a difference by making use of their 404 pages.  Not Found offers an easy opportunity to feature missing children on every ‘not found’ page of your website.  Perhaps it wouldn’t be great for a retail website, but it’s really great for say, a news site.  Think about it.  I say, really cool concept.  What about you?

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